We have been studying in order to generate alcohol from woody resources for many years. And this time we developed the process that can produce direct alcohol gas(ethanol and ethyl acetate)from the carbon sources such as woody  resources.

The crushed carbon sources ferment at solid-phase and we can obtain biofuel as a gas in this process.

Solid-phase fermentation is the technology that can produce biogas directly without going through a liquid phase.

We can obtain alcohol gas from all kinds of the plant resources, for example waste material, bamboo, a Japanese pampas grass, rice straw, straw, corn, sugar cane (bagass), PKS, or any other plants including their bark or leaf.

We also have been trying to extract an useful chemical material from the carbon sources.

In October, 2014 about the biogas production applied for a patent, and in April, 2016, reached the international application.

It is our mission to make a best use of limit energy resources to the maximum.